Awesomely Luvvie On Energizing Your Social Media

Photography   x   Mack Sullivan

Photography   x   Mack Sullivan

America’s Top Independent Blogger Is A Social Media Rock Star. Listen Up, Artists. You Can Be One, Too!

Luvvie Ajayi, 31, is a true multi-talent.

As Awesomely Luvvie, she writes America’s number one independent blog. With her debut book (I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual), she became an instant New York Times bestselling author. Now add TV scribe to the list. She’s adapting her runaway literary hit into a cable comedy series, and it’s being produced by Shonda Rhimes, who snatched up screen rights before the hilarious polemic on foolish behavior even hit store shelves.

But that’s only part of her resume. She’s also an international speaker, philanthropist, digital strategist, professional shade thrower and side-eye sorceress. Oh, and she rules a social media platform north of half a million.

Convinced yet that Luvvie knows a thing or two about taking a creative career from here to the stratosphere? Good. Because Arts Tribe Monthly huddled with the online sensation for an exclusive primer on how to boost your artistic dreams with a savvy social media strategy.


  • Fill out your online profile completely and make certain you have a profile picture. Why? Every missing piece can delegitimize you.
  • Don’t attempt to master every social media platform (unless you’re Beyonce). Choose the networks (two, perhaps three) where your intended audience is active and focus your energy there. Example: Going for millennials? You should probably be on Snapchat. Cultivating an older audience? They are likely hanging out on Facebook.
  • Put your personality front and center on social channels. Don’t be robotic.
  • Be consistent with your content output. People are creatures of habit. Teach your audience what to expect from you (and when).
  • Resist coming across as overly promotional. Balance your posts by offering value for your audience, whether that’s as a resource or just as entertainment.
  • Good content is what people love to see. Spend your time creating it. Don’t worry about the impact posts may or may not make. Just create good content.
  • Run the best race you possibly can and avoid the distraction of peeking to see how ahead or behind you are from others. The truth is, everybody can win. But it’s important for you to focus on your own work and do it the best way possible.


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Infographic   x   David Lewis + Jon Salem

Infographic   x   David Lewis + Jon Salem